Press Releases (2003 - present, pdf)

arrowParents and Education Advocacy Groups Praise Legislature for Rejecting Mid-Year School Cuts (12-02-09)

arrow$686 Million in School Cuts on Top of Broken Promise (11-09-09)

arrow88% of Ed Cuts Would Hit Poor & Middle Class (10-21-09)

arrowCFE and AQE Issue Statements on Governor's Proposed Mid-Year Budget Cuts (10-15-09)

arrowCFE Assails DOE for Lack of Transparency in Allocating Funds Meant for Neediest Students (10-13-09)

arrowCFE Analysis of 2008-09 Approved Contract for Excellence Allocations Shows State Funds Used to Fill City Budget Holes (06-30-09)

arrowCFE Calls For Refocusing of 2010-2014 Schools Capital Plan on Reducing Chronic Overcrowding (06-19-09)

arrowCFE Statement of New York City FY2010 Budget Agreement (06-16-09)

arrowCFE Releases Report: Almost Half of New York City Students attend Overcrowded Schools (05-20-09)

arrowCFE Statement on 2009 State English Language Arts Results (05-07-09)

arrowAQE and CFE Criticize State Budget for Providing Zero Dollars for Court-Ordered School Funding (04-04-09)

arrowFair Share Tax Reform Combined with Federal Stimulus to Restore $2 Billion of Proposed $2.5 Education Cut (03-24-09)

arrowCFE Statement on Election of Merryl Tisch to Serve as Chancellor of Board of Regents (03-16-09)

arrowNuisance Taxes are Off the Table, Time to Focus on Stopping Devastating Cuts to School Children (03-11-09)

arrowEducation Advocates Respond to the Stimulus Package (02-13-09)

arrowMajor Education Organizations Release Analysis Showing 64% of School Districts Face Cuts in Excess of $15,000 per Classroom, 60 Districts Face Cuts Over $30,000 per Classroom Due to Governor Paterson's $2.5 Billion School Aid Cuts (02-11-09)

arrowCFE Statement on NYC Mayor's Presentation of FY 2010 Executive Budget (02-02-09)

arrowEducation Groups Testify Before Senate Finance Committee and Assembly Ways and Means Committee (01-28-09)

arrowCFE and AQE Respond to 2009 State of the State (01-07-09)

arrowEducation Advocates React to Governor's Budget(12-16-08)

arrowAQE and CFE React to Board of Regents $879 Million State School Aid Proposal (12-4-08)

arrowCFE and AQE Respond to Governor Paterson's Open Letter to School Board Presidents and District Superintendents (11-25-08)

arrowMajor Education Advocates Criticize Governor Paterson's Proposed School Cuts for Turning Back Clock on Educational Equity (11-17-08)

arrowCFE Statement on Governor's Two-Year Reduction Plan (11-12-08)

CFE Public Comment and Analysis of NYC DOE Proposed 2008-09 Contract for Excellence (08-25-08)

Education Organizations Applaud City Council budget for Restoring $129 Million in Education Funding (06-29-08)

CFE Analysis of DOE Proposed Contract for Excellence: School Allocations Do Not Meet State Standard for Predominately Serving Neediest Students (06-17-08)

Parents Demand Swift Intervention of State Education Department (05-19-08)

Department of Education Spending of New Contract Dollars Requires Strong Citywide Plan (05-06-08)

Keep the Promises Coalition Speaks Out in Response to Mayor Bloomberg's Executive Budget (05-01-08)

CFE & AQE Reaction to Record School Aid Increases: Equity and Accountability Maintained, Assembly and Governor Provide Leadership (04-09-08)

Keep the Promise on Education: Assembly Education Budget Gets Passing Grade; Senate Budget Fails(03-27-08)

CFE and AQE Express Strong Objections to Proposed Final Regulations Excluding Education Advocacy Organizations from Participating in Contract for Excellence Development (03-18-08)

Community Organizations, Education Advocates, Clergy and LaborUnite to Urge State and City to Keep Their Budget Promises

CFE Urges State Officials to Restore Necessary Funds to Meet 2008 School Aid Obligation (02-04-08)

CFE and AQE's Response to the Governor's Proposed Executive Budget (01-22-08)

Geri D. Palast's Statement on CEJ's "Our Kids Can't Wait" Report (01-21-08)

CFE and AQE's Response to the 2008 State of the State Address (01-09-08)

Geri D. Palast's Statement on "Contract for Excellence Year One" Report, Released by AQE (12-19-07)

2007 School Reforms make it possible to project how much new money will be in the Governor's 2008 budget for every school district across the state (12-13-07)

Achieving reduced class size for New York City's lowest performing schools will require over 2,500 additional classrooms. CFE releases new class size reduction in SINI/SRAP Schools study (11-27-07)

CFE and AQE's Response to Contract for Excellence Approval (11-19-07)

CFE and AQE Praise State Board of Regents' Call for $1.8 Billion Increase in Foundation Aid (10-22-07)

Steven Sanders Appointed to CFE Board of Directors (09-27-07)

Statement by Geri D. Palast about the 2007 Broad Prize for Urban Education (09-18-07)

Statement by Geri D. Palast on Pre-K Now's Report about Pre-School Enrollment among Hispanics (09-18-07)

CFE Urges NYS Board of Regents to Modify Emergency Regulations Governing The Contract for Excellence (09-12-07) Español

CFE Urges State Education Authorities to Hold Approval of NYC Contract for Excellence (07-26-07)

Schott Young Patrons Present Grant in Recognition of CFE's Work (07-20-07)

CFE Calls For NYC Department of Education to Fix Inadequacies in Proposed Citywide Contract for Excellence (07-09-07)

CFE and AQE Urge New Yorkers to Present Views on NYC Contracts for Excellence and Class Size Reduction Plan: Public Encouraged to Attend Public Hearings and Submit Comments before Deadline (07-05-07)

218 Parents, Educators and Community Leaders Sign Letter to Regents Demanding Strong School Funding Accountability (06-25-07)

Advisory: Citywide CFE Victory Celebration and 2007-2008 Education Budget and Reform Legislation Community Briefing (05-25-07) (Español)

Response to Senate Vote on S.5673 - eliminating all accountability provisions in the first year for all but the five largest school districts in the state(05-08-07)

Call on Regents to Apopt SED Regulations Ensuring Funding Benefits Neediest Students(04-24-07) (Joint Release with AQE)

Gomez Appointed CFE Communications Director(04-20-07)

Statement on 2007 Enacted Education Budget (04-01-07) (Joint Release with AQE)

AQE & CFE Issue New Report Documenting that Senate Majority Plan would Undermine Governor Spitzer's Educational Excellence Agenda(03-23-07) (Joint Release with AQE)

First Lady Silda Wall-Spitzer & Education Advocates Launch Citywide "Caravan for Kids" to Show Support for Governor's Education Budget(03-16-07) (Joint Release with AQE)

Education Advocates Launch Campaign Calling on Members of Senate Majority to Support Governor's Education Budget (03-01-07) (Joint Release with AQE)

Education Groups Join Governor at News Conference to Endorse Key Provisions of Education Budget (02-05-07) (Joint Release with AQE)

Campaign for Fiscal Equity Hails Governor Spitzer's Historic Committment to Education (01-31-07)

Campaign for Fiscal Equity Gives Gov. Spitzer's Education Plan High Marks (01-29-07)

Education Advocates Disclose Number of NYC & NYS Students in Schools that Do Not Meet NCLB or State Standards (01-24-07)

Education Advocates Launch "100 Days to Educational Excellence Campaign" to Secure Education Funding Tied to Governor Spitzer's First Budget (01-04-07)

New York State Court of Appeals Reaffirms Children's Right to a Sound, Basic Education as Supporters Look to Incoming Governor to Come Through for the State's Children (11-20-06)

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