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Supporting public engagement has been an important component of CFE's work since the organization's inception.

CFE has worked with partnering organizations to see that the CFE solution benefits students across the entire state as well as those living in New York City. In addition to publishing extensive studies and reports on school finance policy and education policy issues, CFE, in concert with its allies, has conducted major public education campaigns like “Fair Funding, Better Schools,” and “100 Days to Educational Excellence” mobilizing parents and education advocates to participate in rallies, community forums, recruitment drives, and other special events.

CFE worked hard side-by-side with our education reform allies to ensure that the State Education Budget and Reform Act of 2007-08 includes unprecedented public participation measures through the Contracts for Excellence, the law's main accountability tool. Check this section regularly for public participation tools and resources, like our Know Your Rights Handbooks and our Reports and Testimony on New York City's Contract for Excellence.

The following are all available in pdf format for downloading:

New York City Contract for Excellence Factsheet

Know Your Rights Handbooks
The 2007-08 New York State Education Budget and Reform Law and State Education Department Regulations, as amended in 2008-09

CFE Report and Public Comment on the New York City 2008-09 Proposed Contract for Excellence Allocations released July 23, 2008 (August 15, 2008)

CFE Analysis of New York City Preliminary 2008-09 Contract for Excellence Plan released May 30, 2008 and Public Hearing Testimony, (June 5, 2008)

CFE Analysis of the New York City 2007-08 Approved Contract for Excellence (June 3, 2008)

CFE Report on the NYC 2007-08 Proposed Contract For Excellence

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