September 2006

Editorial Boards Ramp Up Calls for CFE Solution (09-08-06):
Journal News
, "Mobilizing for Movement";
Syracuse Post-Standard, "It's Time to Act"; Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, "Upstate Schools Want Aid if N.Y.C. Gets More Funds"

In Albany Times Union Op-Ed, CFE Executive Director Explains Importance of October 10 Court Hearing (09-08-06)

CFE and AQE Launch "Act for Education Month"; Mayors Across New York Issue Major Proclamations for Statewide Funding Solution ; See list of "Act for Education Month" proclamations; Read full news release (pdf) (09-07-06)

August 2006

CFE Issues Statement: Suozzi's "New Vision for Education" Will Not Resolve the CFE v. State Case (08-17-06)

In Hard-Hitting Brief, CFE Highlights Absurdity in State’s Arguments (08-16-06)

July 2006

Spitzer Makes Commitment To Resolve CFE and Bring Court-Ordered Funds to NYC Schools; Suozzi Proposal Woefully Inadequate (07-24-06)

Democrat & Chronicle: Legislature's Biggest Failure in 2006 was Lack of Attention to CFE (07-24-06)

In Latest Court Brief, State Responds with Rejected Arguments (07-10-06)

June 2006

New Education Trust Report: New York State Denying Low-Income and Minority Children the Best Teachers (06-19-06)

Highest Court Sets October 10 at 2:00 PM for Oral Argument in CFE Case (06-15-06)

Rally Unites Nearly One Thousand New Yorkers to Demand Immediate Compliance with CFE Case (06-09-06)

May 2006

New Report Faults Inadequate State Aid for New York's Low Graduation Rates; read AQE/PPEF report (05-19-06)

Highest Court Cuts Appeals Time in Half (05-9-06)

April 2006

In an Attempt to Further Delay a CFE Resolution, Governor Asks Court to Oppose CFE's Appeal (04-26-06)

CFE Files Appeal That Asks Highest Court To Require the State To Comply Fully With the CFE Order (04-18-06)

$11.2 Billion in School Construction Aid is Significant but Not Enough To Remedy Constitutional Violation (04-24-06)

U.S. Census Bureau Report Masks Grave Disparities in NY's School Funding (04-07-06)

Legislative Budget Fails to Comply with the CFE Court Order on Operating Aid (04-06-06)

March 2006

Legislative Dysfunction Cannot Justify Violation of Children's Rights, says Brennan Center of Justice (03-31-06)

NY Times Profiles CFE Executive Director Geri D. Palast (03-31-06)

$11.2 Billion Increase in Capital Aid to Schools Is Significant But Only Part of the Solution (03-29-06)

Opponents Marshal False Claims to Sanction State's Ongoing Defiance of the Constitution (03-27-06)

CFE Scores Major Court Victory (03-23-06)

Assembly Bill Takes Step in the Right Direction (03-14-06)

CFE Joins Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic and Asian Caucus in Calling for Immediate Down Payment on CFE (03-08-06)

Senator Bruno Attacks Constitutional Form of Government to Avoid Obligation of CFE (03-01-06)

February 2006

Groups Intensify Pressure on Albany for CFE Solution (02-27-06)

CFE Appoints New Executive Director (02-16-06)

CFE Submits Testimony to NYC Council on Governor's Contempt of Court, read testimony (pdf) (02-14-06)

Mayor Bloomberg, City Council Step up Pressure on State Lawmakers, Urge Immediate Funding of City's Capital Needs (02-14-06)

CFE Releases Response to Governor Pataki's 2006-2007 Executive Budget (02-06-06)

CFE Deeply Mourns the Passing of Jill Chaifetz, Executive Director of Advocates for Children and a CFE Board Member (02-03-06)

January 2006

Surplus Grows to $3.3. Billion; Albany Runs out of Excuses for Underfunding Schools (01-27-06)

In State of the City, Bloomberg Calls on State Officials to Immediately Fund CFE (01-27-06)

Bloomberg Calls Governor's School Aid Plan Unjust (01-24-06)

CFE Founding Member Robert Jackson Appointed Chair of the NYC Council Education Committee (01-19-06)

Governor Ignores Calls for Spending $2 Billion Budget Surplus on Schools (01-17-06)

Court Imposes Major Sanctions against State of Arizona for Failure to Comply in School-Funding Case (01-11-06)

Newspapers across the State Highlight Governor's Silence on CFE (01-09-06)

CFE Urges Governor to Use $2 Billion Surplus to Fund Schools for New York's Future Act (01-04-06)

December 2005

New Report on Nation's Education Funding Gap: New York Ranks Among the Worst in the Country; read full report (12-27-05)

AQE Puts the Heat on State Senators to Stand Up for Constituents and Pass School-Funding Bill (12-23-05)

State Delays in CFE Case Halt Construction of New Schools in NYC (12-12-05)

Should Courts Order School Funding? (12-12-05)

NYC Has Far to Go in Closing Achievement Gap (12-06-05)

Appalling Regents Diploma Rates for Minorities Highlight Need for CFE Reforms (12-05-02)

November 2005

AQE's 2006 Legislative Campaign Gets Underway (11-30-05)

Speaker Silver Calls Compliance with CFE Mandate a "Moral Obligation" (11-23-05)

At Crain's Business Forum, Speakers Stress Importance of CFE Compliance (11-21-05)

CFE Convenes Making the Money Matter Meeting in Harlem (11-14-05)

Journal News Warns Leaders that Pace of School Improvement not Fast Enough (11-9-05)

NY Times Features Research Findings on the Social Costs of Inadequate Education; see chart (11-07-05)

October 2005

CFE's "Making the Money Matter Project" Gets Underway; see schedule of community meetings (10-31-05)

Teachers College Campaign Releases Important Findings on the Social Costs of Inadequate Education; Read TC Symposium Papers and Summaries of Research Findings (10-21-05)

City Council Commission on CFE Releases Part II of Recommendations; read full report (10-18-05)

CFE Counsel Responds to Book Review in New York Times (10-17-05)

Democrat & Chronicle Editorial Lambastes Pataki for Latest "Stalling Maneuver"; read editorial (10-14-05)

At Oral Argument, CFE Urges Appeals Court to Deny Appeal, Expedite Decision (10-11-05)

Regents Proposal Makes Important Strides, but Falls Short of Court-Mandated Increases (10-07-05)

Court Hearing Today at 11:00 AM (10-11-05)

September 2005

Court Hearing Changed to 11:00 AM on October 11 (9-29-05)

CFE Releases Updated District-by-District Runs for Schools for New York's Future Act (9-27-05)

Eighth Grade Math Scores Decline (9-26-05)

Lack of Financial Support Viewed as Top Problem Facing Schools, Finds Nationwide Phi Delta Kappan/Gallup Poll (9-21-05)

In Latest Brief, State Submits Another Rehash of Rejected Ideas; read full brief (pdf) (9-17-05)

AQE Follows Pataki to Iowa and Reminds Him of His Unfinished Business in CFE case (9-12-05)

CFE Submits Hard-Hitting Brief to Court read CFE's full brief (pdf); read the City of New York's amicus brief (pdf) ; read the Alliance for Quality Education's amicus brief (pdf) (9-7-05)

CFE Urges Mayor Bloomberg and Democratic Candidates to Spell Out the Steps They Will Take to Compel the Governor and the Legislature to Comply with the Court of Appeals' CFE Order (9-7-05)

Another School Year Begins Without a CFE Remedy; State Reverts to Hyperbole to Justify Defiance (9-6-05)

August 2005

Wide Achievement Gap Persists on Regents Exams, Finds CEP Study; Read full Report Released by the Center on Education (8-17-05)

State Files Brief in Latest Appeal of CFE Ruling (8-8-05)

July 2005

Governor Now One-Year in Open Defiance of Court Order (7-29-05)

Pataki Announces Decision Not to Seek Reelection; CFE Urges Governor to Resolve CFE Case on His Watch (7-27-05)

State's Share of Education Funding Declining, Highlights New IBO Report (7-20-05)

Meeting of Governors Association Reaffirms Urgency of Education Reform (7-19-05)

Editorial Urges NY Lawmakers to Follow Kansas Model; Read full editorial, "The Kansas Model" (7-13-05)

Court Approves School Finance Plan in Kansas; read "If Kansas can get its education act together, why can't New York?" Albany Times Union (7-11-05)

Kansas Legislators Comply with State Supreme Court Ruling in Education Case (7-07-05)

Kansas Supreme Court Threatens School Shutdown in Light of Legislative Non-Compliance (7-05-05)

June 2005

During One-Sided Manhattan Institute Forum on CFE, Panelists Urge Legislative Defiance (6-28-05)

As Regents Raise Standards, the Need for CFE Reforms Even More Critical (6-24-05)

Court Finds Panel's Fees "Reasonable"; Rejects State's Attempts to Reduce Them (6-20-05)

CFE Executive Director Appointed Head of TC's New Campaign for Educational Equity; Read statement from CFE's Board of Directors (6-10-05)

At Briefing on School Finance, Panelists Present Ways to Fund CFE, Urge Support from Business Leaders (6-9-05)

Journal News Editorial Highlights Importance of Kansas Decision to CFE case (6-9-05)

Assemblyman Sanders Introduces Schools for New York's Future Act for Passage in Current Legislative Session (6-7-05)

Kansas Supreme Court Ruling to Have Impact on CFE Case in New York (6-6-05)

CFE Executive Director Provides Expert Testimony to Rhode Island Legislature (6-2-05)

Grade-to-Grade Variations in Test Scores Highlight Need for Systemic, CFE Reforms (6-2-05)

May 2005

NY Times Columnist Warns of Widening Global Education Gap (5-26-05)

Test Results Further Highlight Need for Immediate CFE Reforms (5-19-05)

Small Classes Dramatically Increase Odds of Graduating, Says New Study (5-16-05)

League of Women Voters Honors CFE Executive Director (5-12-05)

At CFE Press Conference, Student Reporters Express Concern over Poor School Conditions (5-06-05)

Editorial Boards around the State Lambaste Pataki's Delay Tactics: read "Another delay," Journal News; read "Handcuffs might work," Press & Sun Bulletin (5-05-05)

Court Cuts Appeals Time in Half; Assemblyman Sanders to Introduce Assembly Bill A-100 (5-03-05)

In NY Times Op-Ed, CFE Executive Director Denounces Pataki's Latest Delay Tactics (5-01-05)

April 2005

CFE Urges Court Not to Tolerate Governor's Continuing Defiance (4-28-05)

Calls for Immediate, Statewide Solution to CFE Mounting Across the State (4-26-05)

Under Threat of Potential Court Sanction, Kansas Legislature Bows to Deadline (4-22-05)

Court Expedites CFE's Motion to Invalidate Stay on Governor's Appeal (4-20-05)

CFE Files Motion to Invalidate Stay on Governor's Appeal (4-19-05)

Governor Pataki Finally Files Notice of Appeal in CFE Case (4-18-05)

NYSCOSS Analysis of Enacted Budget Highlights Albany's Failure to Address CFE

ITEP Report Presents Options to Fully Fund CFE (4-13-05)

CFE Corrects Senator Bruno's Distortions (pdf) (4-08-05)

Justice DeGrasse to Hold Hearing on Referees' Fees (4-12-05)

A Thousand NYC Teachers Rally in Albany for a CFE Remedy (4-05-05)

Legislature Defies Court; Passes Inadequate Education Budget (4-01-05)

March 2005

Assemblyman Sanders to Introduce CFE Bill (3-31-05)

CFE Responds to Albany's Inadequate Budget Proposals in Times Union Op-Ed (3-26-05)

Mohawk Valley Residents Urge Passage Of Schools For New York's Future Act (3-28-05)

As Albany Continues Delay Tactics, Capital District Residents Call For Immediate Statewide Reforms (3-22-05)

CFE Releases Paper in Response to Accusations of Judicial Activism; read full paper (pdf) (3-21-05)

Mayor Restores $1.3 Billion to Capital Budget (3-18-05)

In Public Meeting, Long Islanders Express Support for Statewide Reforms (3-17-05)

Education Proposals of Both Houses Fall Far Short (3-16-05)

CFE to Push for Supplemental Education Budget (3-10-05)

Students Speak Out at "Schools for New York City's Future" Event (3-08-05)

State Says "Word Processing Glitch" to Blame for Major Omission in Paper Submitted to Court (3-04-05)

CFE, State Submit Papers to Settle Order; State Continues Efforts to Evade Obligation

February 2005

Nine Members of Congress Urge Pataki Not to Appeal (2-24-05)

Editorials Statewide Lambaste Pataki for His Plans to Appeal DeGrasse Decision (2-22-05)

Education Advocates, Policymakers Urge Pataki, "Don't Appeal"; Announce Launch Of Statewide Web Campaign (2-16-05)

CFE Executive Director Gives Testimony During Hearing on Governor Pataki's 2005-2006 Budget (pdf) (2-14-05)

CFE to Launch Statewide Series of Meetings, Schools for New York’s Future (2-07-05)

CFE Releases Overview of Governor Pataki's 2005-2006 Executive Budget, A Tired Rehash of Old Ideas (pdf) (2-1-05)

January 2005

Governor Pataki's 2005-2006 Executive Budget Merely Rehashes Last Year's Inadequate Proposals for Education (1-18-05)

Kansas Supreme Court Gives Legislature Three Months to Make its Funding System Constitutional (1-06-05)

CFE Calls on the Governor to Fulfill His Promise and Complete the "Unfinished Business" of Education Reform This Year (1-05-05)

In Brief to Court, State Lawyers Make Last-Ditch, Desperate Effort (1-04-05)

December 2004

Ensuring Statewide Reform Remains Focus of CFE's Efforts (12-22-04)

Regents Generally Endorse $5.6 Billion Plan (12-17-04)

Court Announces Briefing and Hearing Schedule on Special Masters' Report (12-10-04)

Citizens Statewide Strongly Endorse Masters' Report, According to Statewide Quinnipiac Poll (12-10-04)

CBC Conference Participants Shape Consensus on Effective Implementation of CFE (12-07-04)

In Wake of Panel's Report, CFE Vows to Continue Push for Statewide Reforms (12-01-04)

November 2004

Special Masters Recommend $5.63 Billion Over Four Years For Operating Aid And $9.2 Billion For Facilities; In Wake of Panel's Report, CFE Vows to Continue Push for Statewide Reforms (11-30-04)

Citizens Budget Commission to Focus on Implementation of CFE at Annual Conference (11-22-04)

CFE Holds Conference on NCLB: Highlights Importance of Education Adequacy Movement for National Policy Debate (11-16-04)

CFE Executive Director Awarded Prestigious Crossing the River Jordan Award at Annual PEN Conference (11-15-04)

October 2004

Berne Implores Panel to Impose a Detailed Remedy on the Legislature (10-22-04)

CFE Expert Critical of State's S&P Study, Calls Methodology Arbitrary and Unjustifiable (10-15-04)

Former State Education Commissioner Praises Plaintiffs' Accountability Proposals (10-14-04)

Mayor and Chancellor Appear before Special Master Panel (10-14-04)

State Witness Makes Devastating Admissions (10-08-04)

State Witnesses Again Fail To Provide Justification For Governor's SBE Figures (10-06-04)

State's "Expert" Witness Proves He's No Expert on New York Schools (10-01-04)

September 2004

City Council Commission on CFE Holds Initial Hearing; Names Tony Alvarado as Executive Director (9-30-04)

September Summit 2004: CFE Urges Advocates to Act Now Because "Our Kids Can't Wait" (9-21-04)

CFE, State, and City present oral arguments before referees (9-15-04)

Referees Approve Amici (9-9-04)

Both Parties File Briefs Before Panel Of Special Masters (9-2-04)

August 2004

Referees Welcome Amici to Submit Briefs; Set deadline for September 14 (8-30-04)

New York City Submits Sound Basic Education Plan to Court (8-26-04)

State Budget Falls Short of Adequate (8-20-04)

Parties Present Proposals for Complying with CFE Order (8-17-04)

State Submits Plan to Special Referees (8-16-04)

CFE Submits Compliance Plan to Special Masters (8-12-04)

Special Master Panel Seeks Rapid Review Of Parties' Compliance Plans (8-04-04)

Justice DeGrasse Issues Order (8-04-04)

Justice DeGrasse Appoints Panel of 3 Distinguished Special Masters (8-3-04)

Governor & AG Seek To Limit Power Of Special Master (8-2-04)

July 2004

Time's Up: NY Kids Must Delay Their Dreams Of A Decent Education (7-30-04)

As Deadline Looms, CFE Shifts Attention to Court (7-27-04)

Viacom Chief Operating Officer Highlights Albany's "Dysfunction" (7-25-04)

Legislature Rejects Pataki's Bill; CFE Urges Public to Take Action (7-22-04)

Governor's Proposal Falls Short; CFE Hopes Legislature Will Find Remedy for New York's Children (7-20-04)

Rochester Parent Urges All NY Parents to Advocate for CFE Remedy (7-16-04)

As Deadline Looms, Education Week Highlights Logjam in Albany (7-15-04)

Former Comptroller Urges Albany to Take Action and Devise School Funding Plan Now (7-11-04)

Court Set To Appoint Special Master(S) On August 3; July 7 Hearing Postponed (7-07-04)

June 2004

Students, Teachers, Parents Continue "My School Needs" Letter-Writing Campaign; Urge Compliance with CFE (6-29-04)

Arkansas Supreme Court Praises Legislature for Notable Compliance Effort (6-25-04)

CFE Submits Special Master Names to Court; Forges Ahead on School Funding Reform in Absence of Legislative Movement (6-24-04)

Outraged Education Advocates get Arrested in Albany (6-23-04)

Legislature Prepares to Leave Albany for Summer Vacation; CFE Implores Them to Get the Job Done (6-22-04)

CFE Rally For Public Schools Unites Hundreds (6-18-04)

Operating Aid Has Not Kept Up With Inflation for 3 Years, NYSCOSS Study Finds (6-18-04)

CFE Will Seek Immediate Injunction if 2004-2005 Funding Is Inadequate; Senate Finds Money for Property Tax Reductions, but Not For School Funding (6-16-04)

Judge Hears Arguments on Special Master Panel (6-11-04)

Editorials Statewide Blast Legislative Inaction (6-10-04)

CFE Asks Court to Direct Special Masters to Begin Work on July 30 if no State Compliance; Requests October 31 Deadline (6-10-04)

Assembly's CFE Proposal: A Real Plan, With Real Dollars (6-2-04)

Court Holds CFE not Entitled to Attorney Fees; CFE Vows to Continue the Fight for Children's Rights

May 2004

Justice DeGrasse Asks Parties to Discuss Issues Regarding Special Masters Panel; Postpones Court Conference to June 10 (5-28-04)

Governor's CFE "Plan": Grossly Inadequate (5-27-04)

State Senate Plan Moves the Discussion Along, but Leaves Much to Discuss (5-26-04)

Justice Degrasse States Intent to Appoint Panel of Three Special Masters (5-26-04)

CFE Calls on Court to Immediately Appoint Special Master to Oversee Education Reform (5-21-04)

300 Gather At CFE/AQE Brown Observance (5-21-04)

CFE to Commemorate Brown In Albany Observance (5-17-04)

CFE Releases Revised Operating Aid Proposal (5-11-04)

Kansas Judge Orders Shutdown of Public Schools in Light of Legislative Non-Compliance (5-12-04)

Top Business Leaders Call for Immediate Down Payment for Education (5-07-04)

April 2004

Massachusetts Court Applies CFE Remedy In Major Adequacy Decision (4-27-04)

CFE Culminates "Adequacy" Public Engagement Series (4-26-04)

CFE Releases Accountability Proposal State to Present Compliance Status Statement to the Court on June 1 (4-22-04)

CFE/NYSSBA Release of NY Adequacy Study Garners Positive Press Attention (4-1-04)

March 2004

Zarb Commission Agrees More Resources Needed For Educational Adequacy, but Limits Recommendations Because of State's "Fiscal Restraints" (3-30-04)

Journal News Hails Predictability and Fairness of CFE's Proposals (3-8-04)

February 2004

Zarb Commission Delays Release of its Studies Until March 15 (2-28-04)

CFE Calls For More Funding And Fundamental Reform of School Funding Formulas At Joint Budget Hearing

Arkansas Legislature Misses Deadline; Court Appoints Two Special Masters (2-9-04)

Costing-Out Report Calls for $7 Billion Statewide to Make Sound Basic Education for All New York Students a Reality (2-4-04)

January 2004

Justice DeGrasse Plans to "Hit the Ground Running" (12-22-03)

Regents Take Positive Steps Toward Reform, but Issue Mystifying Figures (12-12-03)

Governor's Commission Authorizes Costing-Out Analysis; Claims It Will Complement, Not Compete, With CFE Study (12-08-03)

CFE Convenes First Two Task Force Meetings (12-03-03)

AIR/MAP Costing-Out Study Nears Completion (12-02-03)

November 2003

CFE-AQE Funding Criteria & Priorities Garner Statewide Support (11-19-03)

CFE Allays District Concerns at Westchester Forum (11-18-03)

Conference Draws Unanimous Criticism of State Budget Process (11-17-03)

CFE-AQE Message Spreads; 250 Attend New York City Forum (11-13-03)

100 Gather at Syracuse Forum (11-12-03)

CFE Encouraged by New York City's Call for $13 Billion for School Buildings (11-3-03)

October 2003Consensus on Education Reform Emerging Nationwide (10-30-03)

School Funding is Focus of EWA Conference (10-27-03)

200 Gather at CFE-AQE Forum (10-23-03)

At Public Hearing, CFE Condemns Watering Down of Standards (10-15-03)

Governor's Commission Considers Watering Down Regent Standards (10-10-03)

CFE And AQE Kick Off Fall Public Engagement (10-3-03)

September 2003

CFE Announces Sound Basic Education Task Force (9-30-03)

Justice DeGrasse Announces Intent to Appoint Special Master as of July 2004 (9-25-03)

In Debate Over Regents, CFE Calls for Student Safety Net (9-23-03)

CFE v. State Featured Topic at Annual Business Council Conference (9-18-03)

40 Percent of NYC Schools Failing; CFE Calls for "Down Payment" Even More Urgent (9-11-03)

CFE Welcomes Zarb Costing Out Statement (9-8-03)

August 2003

Insufficient Funding Cited as Biggest School Problem (8-27-03)

NCLB Limits Options for Students in Small Districts (8-19-03)

July 2003

CFE Issues Analysis of High Court Decision (7-24-03)

CFE Issues Position Paper on Statewide Commission (7-21-03)

Spitzer Joins CFE's Call for Statewide Commission (7-21-03)

Former Regents Chancellor Joins CFE Board (7-16-03)

CFE Executive Director to Appear Thursday on NY1's "Close Up" (7-16-03)

NY Newspapers Profile CFE Directors (7/07/03)

June 2003

Highest Court Rules for CFE; Declares That All Children Entitled to a "Meaningful High School Education" (6-26-03)

Coming Full Circle by Talia Griffin (6-24-03)

EWA Article Highlights CFE Suit (6-19-03)

Good Schools PA Co-Founder Addresses First CFE Faith Initiative Meeting (6-12-03)

CFE Calls for Education Coalition of Conscience (6-05-03)

Vermont School Funding Bill Provides Lessons for New York (6-02-03)

May 2003

Reactions to CFE Oral Arguments Continue to Pour In (5-23-03)

CCO to Review Costing Out Forum Findings (5-23-03)

Annual Youth Conference Held in Albany (5-21-03)

CFE Report on Civic Engagement and Public Schools (5-22-03)

May 16 Meeting to Review Findings From Local Forums (5-14-03)

Oral Arguments Heard in Albany by State's Highest Court (5-09-03)

The Final Stretch: CFE Founder Nears End of 150-Mile March to Albany (5-7-03)

"Walk a Mile for Your Child" Reaches Day 5 (5-5-03)

Jackson and CFE Supporters in Day 2 of 150-Mile March to Albany (5-2-03)

April 2003

Bronx, Manhattan, Albany Costing Out Forums This Week (4-29-03)

CFE Files Reply Brief: Last Papers to Court of Appeals Before Oral Arguments on May 8 (4-21-03)

State Files Brief in CFE Case (4-10-03)

Bronx Costing Out Forum Added (4-8-03)

Small City School Districts and "853 Schools" Coalition File Amicus Briefs (4-8-03)

March 2003

Costing Out Public Forums Underway (3-27-03)

UFT and Rochester School District Support CFE Appeal (3-21-03)

CFE Receives Key Foundation Support (3-12-03)

Two Groups of Amici Submit Briefs in Support of CFE Appeal (3-11-03)

Politicians Join Hundreds of Advocacy Groups as Amici Curiae in CFE Appeal (3-07-03)

Midstate Consortium Submits Amicus Brief (3-05-03)

Third Annual ACCESS Conference Focuses on Achieving Education Reform in Difficult Times (3-03-03)

February 2003

City of New York Supports CFE as Amici Curiae (2-26-03)

Amicus Brief Filed by League of Women Voters of NYS (2-24-03)

Council of Great City Schools Files Amicus Brief (2-13-03)

School Boards Groups File Amicus Brief in CFE Case (2-6-03)

January 2003

CFE Files Brief in Final Appeal to State's Highest Court (1-31-03)

"Making Parents Partners" by Fernando Ferrer (1-23-03)

NYC Mayor to File Amicus Brief in CFE Case (1-21-03)

NYC Mayor Announces Sweeping School Reforms (1-15-03)

'Daunting Dilemma' (1-13-03)

Governor Silent on School Funding in State of the State Address (1-09-03)

CFE's Best of 2002

December 2002

School Cuts (12-19-02)

High Court Expedites CFE Appeal; Sets Firm Date for Argument (12-18-02)

Board of Regents Issues State Aid Proposal (12-5-02)

CFE Launches NY Adequacy Study (12-05-02)

Settlement Talks in CFE Case Reach Impasse (12-02-2002)

November 2002

Arkansas Supreme Court Declares School Funding System Unconstitutional (11-22-2002)

NYC Mayor's Education Cuts Total $215 Million (11-18-2002)

CFE Community Forums Continue Throughout NY (11-18-2002)

Relief for Crowded NYC Schools Delayed (11-07-2002)

CFE Receives 2002 Paradox Award (11-04-2002)

"12th Grade Express" Makes Final Stop (11-01-2002)

CFE Kicks-Off Community-Wide Forums (11-01-2002)

October 2002

Over 100 Attend First "Parent Summit" in Syracuse (10-21-2002)

"12th Grade Express" Bus Tour Hits Upstate New York (10-17-2002)

CFE, Governor Begin Preliminary Talks (10-10-2002)

Plaintiff Victory in Tennessee School Funding Case (10-09-2002)

New Plan for Extra 100 Minutes in School Day (10-08-2002)

Klein Announces "Children First" Study to Reform City Schools (10-04-2002)

Planning Underway to Put Price Tag on Sound Basic Education (10-02-2002)

Ethical Cultural Society Honors CFE (10-01-2002)

September 2002

Poll Finds Lack of Funding is Biggest School Problem (9-27-2002)

City Council Holds Hearing, May Press Mayor to File Amicus Brief in CFE Case (9-24-2002)

Pressure Mounting for Governor to Settle CFE Case (9-24-2002)

AQE Holds Press Conference Urging Governor to Resolve CFE Case (9-19-02)

Court of Appeals Formally Accepts Jurisdiction of CFE Case (9-17-02)

CFE Responds to Governor Pataki's Education Remarks (9-12-2002)

Remembering September 11th (9-11-2002)

487 New York Schools "In Need of Improvement" (9-05-2002)

CFE Supports Federal "Student Bill of Rights" (9-05-2002)

School Year Opens with More Days in the Year, Fewer Dollars in the Budget (9-04-2002)

August 2002

State's Position in CFE Case Continues to Draw Strong Criticism (8-07-02)

New York School Funding Gap Worst In Nation (8-07-02)

Communities Invited to Host Innovative CFE Forums on Civic Participation (8-05-02)

July 2002

Mayor Bloomberg Appoints New Chancellor (7-29-02)

CFE Formally Files Notice of Appeal of Appellate Division Decision (7-22-02)

Youth Journalists Chronicle Students' Anger Over CFE Decision (7-18-02)

NYC Students Protest Governor's Support of Appellate Decision (7-11-02)

Rebell Tells CFE Supporters "We will prevail" (7-10-02)

Gubernatorial Candidates Support Costing-Out of a Sound Basic Education (7-03-02)

June 2002

Still Shortchanging the City's Schools, Editorial by Michael A. Rebell, Executive Director of the Campaign for Fiscal Equity, as printed in The New York Times (6-26-02)

Appellate Court Strikes Down CFE Decision (6-25-02)

The NYC Governance Bill and the Challenges Ahead (6-12-02)